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A Better Cloud for a Better Future

Eden is developing the foremost solution in decentralized cloud services, building the platform to store, manage, and access content across the internet - all while providing unmatched privacy, efficiency, and asset security.

What is Eden Labs?

Founded by Devon Tietjen and Sofia Assab in 2021, Eden Labs (Eden) is a technology start-up based in New York with the goal of reducing cloud costs for consumers, while increasing the efficiency and efficacy of the internet.

"The next phase of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud) growth will be driven by customer experience, digital outcomes and the virtual-first world (the metaverse)." - Gartner, 2022 Eden will be designed for these new challenges, providing a quality of service that consumers have to come to expect in other technology sectors.

Eden provides a solution  through novel blockchain technology so users are not forced to make tradeoffs when selecting their cloud providers.  

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