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The Database Management System You Have been Waiting For

We provide a middle-ware solution between an organization's database ecosystem and its APIs, managing the ingress and egress of all data, allowing for the standardization of credentials, security, governance, and more.

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What is Eden Labs?

Eden Labs (Eden) is a technology start-up based in New York with the goal of reducing cloud costs for consumers while increasing the efficiency and efficacy of the internet. The proprietary technology we develop that powers services, including our new Database Management System (DBMS), is the same technology that allows for this new aggregated cloud platform.

Eden Labs Demo

The Eden Demo emulates the user experience of other cloud platforms (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) to allows customers to experience our novel technology in a familiar format.

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The Founders

Co-founding Eden Labs in late 2021 while in college, Devon and Sofia have been working together to ensure Eden's solutions have the greatest positive impact on businesses.

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